Intel Core i9-14900K 6.0 GHz ES CPU Is 8-10% Faster Than Core i9-13900K On CPU-Z Test

The forthcoming Core i9-14900K CPU, belonging to Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh series, will retain the identical core configuration as the current Core i9-13900K, featuring 24 cores comprising 8 P-cores and 16 E-cores. Nevertheless, it boasts a noticeable uptick in clock speed, with a 200 MHz boost.


A noteworthy feature of this CPU lies in its Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB), which provides a substantial 6.0 MHz boost to its P-Cores. This capability is supported by a leaked screenshot displaying an engineering sample of the 14900K. Furthermore, the leak affirms the processor’s 125W TDP (Thermal Design Power) rating and the requirement of a 1.385V voltage for achieving this clock speed.

In the CPU-Z test, the Core i9-14900K processor achieved a single-core score of 978 points and a multi-core score of 18117.5 points. When comparing this CPU to both the Core i9-13900K and i9-12900K, it becomes evident that the 14900K CPU is approximately 9.7% faster than the 13900K and significantly outpaces the 12900K by around 19.4% in single-core performance and a remarkable 59% in multi-core performance. This noteworthy improvement in multi-threaded (MT) performance can be attributed to the doubling of E-Cores compared to the initial LGA1700 Core i9 CPU from the Alder Lake series.


The speculations suggest that Intel is preparing to unveil its Core K-CPUs as a part of the 14th Gen Core series during an upcoming Innovation event later this month. It’s important to mention, though, that the launch of the Raptor Lake Refresh is expected to follow in the subsequent month.