Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Intel Core i9-9900K Overclocked to 6.9 GHz on All Cores!

Intel wanted to show off the overclocking ability of their new 9th generation CPUs and teamed up with orld-renowned overclocker Splave to overclock the Core i9-9900K. He was able to show that the Core i9-9900K was able to withstand up to a 1.7V Vcore with some LN2 help!

This very high Vcore with LN2 applied allowed for an overclock up to 6.9 GHz on all cores! Splave even said that some samples could reach 7.1 GHz across all cores. Splave also went on to say that the Core i9-9900K should be able to achieve around 5.3 GHz under watercooling and a much more reserved 1.4V Vcore.

Bob Buskirk
the authorBob Buskirk
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