Intel Core Ultra 9 185H With 16 Cores And 5.1 GHz Clock Spotted

Today signifies the initial introduction of Core Ultra 9 processors to the public domain. Although there have been numerous leaks surrounding Core 7 and Core 5 models over the past few weeks, this marks the first occurrence of a Core 9 SKU emerging ahead of the planned December 14th launch.

This disclosure affirms that the Core Ultra 9 185H model will feature 16 cores and 22 threads, with a turbo clock speed reaching up to 5.1 GHz. These specifications are consistent with earlier speculations made shortly after Intel’s announcement of the upcoming Core CPU branding transformation.


The origin of this leak is the Geekbench website, which has recently emerged as a central hub for Intel-related leaks. Regrettably, the specific testing platform for the CPU is not mentioned, leaving the potential that it was carried out on either an early evaluation platform or an upcoming laptop.

The test utilized the outdated Geekbench V5.4 software, for which the developer no longer maintains ranking data. However, various review sites, including notable sources like Notebookcheck, offer comprehensive testing data. With a single-core score ranging from 1773 to 1849 and a multi-core score ranging from 9787 to 9832, it lags behind high-end AMD and Intel processors in performance.

Moreover, a recent leak has unveiled a new component known as the Ultra 5 135H, making its debut appearance. In contrast to the 185H, the 135H features 14 cores and 18 threads, with an expected boost capability of around 4.4 GHz.


According to recent speculations, while all Meteor Lake CPUs are expected to be officially unveiled this year, it appears that the Core Ultra 9 185H will not be available until the following year. Many laptop manufacturers are likely to incorporate this premium component into their new products to be showcased at CES 2024.

Via Geekbench

Image: Notebookcheck