Intel DG1 Discrete GPU is Listed with 96 Execution Units

2020 is almost upon us and something we’ve been talking about for the past year has been Intel’s discrete graphics card. Intel is expected to launch this card sometime in 2020. An EEC listing has been found with new information regarding Intel’s upcoming DG1 discrete graphics solution.

In the leaked listing (below) the Intel DG1 is being shown to have 96 execution units, which means that Intel is planning on taking on the entry-level graphics cards with this GPU. If Intel uses the same design principle for DG1 as they did for mobile HD/UHD graphics then we should expect 96 x 8 shading units, so a total of 768 shading units for the whole card. If that is the case then this card will focus on entry-level graphics.

intel dg1 eec

Here are the EEC entries:
– DG1 External FRD1 96EU Accessory Kit (Alpha) Development Kit (DGD12KEF3A)
– Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 8+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH4A)
– Discrete Graphics 96EU DG1 6+2 Windows External PROD HOST SDP (Alpha) (DGD12SEH3A)

Via VideoCardz

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