Intel Finally Confirms 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S/HX Refresh

Intel has officially unveiled the comprehensive information about its branding overhaul, commencing with the mentioned series. While the official presentation primarily focused on the new “Core 3/5/7/9” branding for Meteor Lake and upcoming mobile chips, there are additional aspects to consider.

IMG 6075

Intel’s forthcoming CPU series for laptops and desktops will introduce a revamp of the Raptor Lake lineup. Surprisingly, rather than simplifying matters, the upcoming series will be divided into two distinct naming schemes for differentiation. Interestingly, even the Raptor Lake series itself will be separated into the Core # and Core i# families.

Intel China took the initiative to release a brief explanatory material exclusively for their fans. Unfortunately, these materials were not shared with the international community, but there is a valid reason behind it. Intel had not officially confirmed the Raptor Lake Refresh series until now, making these materials the company’s first official mention of such plans.


To summarize, the charts indicate that the Core # branding will be utilized for Meteor Lake and Raptor Lake U Refresh, while the older Core i# naming scheme will be employed for Raptor Lake-S Refresh and Raptor Lake-HX Refresh.

IMG 6076

Moreover, the introduction of “Core Ultra” will serve as a distinguishing factor between Meteor Lake and the Raptor Lake-U series, although both architectures will belong to the same generation of products. It seems that the underlying intention behind the new branding is to create a certain level of ambiguity between architectures while still providing consumers with a subtle indication (in the form of “Ultra”) regarding what they are purchasing. Unfortunately, we find ourselves facing a situation similar to the Ryzen 7000 mobile series, where multiple architectures are encompassed within a single lineup, leading to potential confusion.

Via Intel China, VideoCardz