Intel Haswell i7-4770K Sold on eBay for $600

The new Intel Haswell i7-4770K processor has now been listed on eBay and has already sold for $600 which does not include shipping charges. The price doesn’t sound too unreasonable since in the past many other pre-released products that have been auctioned were in high figures.

haswell ebay

It is based on a 22nm Haswell micro architecture, belonging to the fourth generation of Core-series chips. It comprises of a quad-core with 8 threads, running at 3.5 GHz clock speed with the help of the Turbo Boost technology which can drive it to 3.9 GHz for faster processing in applications. It includes 8MB of L3 cache and an 84W TDP. Besides this microprocessor has a completely reviewed memory controller.

The new Intel core 4770K shows visible performance benefit against the other pioneers but it’s usually competed with its predecessor of its own line where the chip’s speed has been found below than that of inter core 3770K in some of the applications.

The Graphics processing unit (GPU) is further modified by the Intel fourth generation HD graphic core GT2 HD 4600 installed to clock at 1250 MHz. Although it’s a good improvement but still we don’t see any outstanding improvement over core i7-3770 Ivy Bridge. At 4GHz clock to clock comparison the performance drops even more.

Therefore there is no as such major improvement in Haswell processor except the HD 4600 graphic chip. Since they are hardly in competition with AMD, Intel has stick to the same old strategy of boosting power efficiency and graphics and ignoring the essential core performance.

Source: eBay | News Archive