Intel Ice Lake-SP processors face-off with AMD EPYC Rome in leaked benchmarks

Intel and AMD aren’t only competing in the consumer chip segment, but also in the enterprise sector. Both are currently readying their next generation of server chips. Intel is working on the Ice Lake-SP chips, and AMD on its EPYC Rome lineup, and the two recently faced off in a leaked benchmark.

The Intel Ice Lake-SP chip will come with a Golden Cove CPU with up to 28 cores. A 28-core, 56-thread engineering sample of Intel Ice Lake-SP was spotted on Geekbench 4. It showed a base clock of 1.5 GHz and a boost clock of 3.19 GHz and was tested with a dual-socket configuration. On the other end was a single-socket 64-core AMD EPYC 7442 Rome CPU. take a look:

Intel Ice Lake-SP AMD EPYC Rome

The leak came courtesy of Twitter user @TUM_APISAK. The AMD configuration beat Intel’s dual-socket one in single-threaded operations. The AMD system did lag behind by a bit in the multi-threaded test, however. The final clock speeds will be higher, so you can expect better performance from Intel Ice Lake-SP when it releases.

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