Intel Introduces Core Ultra vPro Processors For Commercial Notebooks

Today, Intel introduced the Core Ultra vPro series of mobile processors designed for commercial notebooks. These processors, built on the “Meteor Lake” silicon, incorporate comprehensive vPro Enterprise or vPro Essentials features, enabling extensive management capabilities for large organizations deploying notebooks and other devices to their personnel.


The processor models mirror the standard Core Ultra chips launched in December for consumer notebooks but now carry the vPro brand extension. Organizations can access notebooks equipped with Core Ultra vPro processors through commercial notebook channels, allowing them to place orders with OEMs tailored to their specifications in significant quantities.


Included in the vPro Enterprise features are widely-used technologies like Intel Active Management for remote device administration, Remote Platform Erase, Unique Platform ID, Service Record, and platform functionalities such as VT-D, System Resources Defense, total memory encryption, Threat Detection Technology, CFET, and a hardware-based firmware authentication mechanism.


All existing Core Ultra 5, Core Ultra 7, and Core Ultra 9 processor models have corresponding vPro variants, featuring identical clock speeds, core configurations, cache sizes, and performance levels as their counterparts in consumer notebooks.