Intel Introduces Kabylake-X, Skaylake-X, and X299

New Technologies & Improvements By Intel
With Intel’s Core i9 18-core, 36-thread processor it will be the first consumer 1 Teraflop processor to hit the market. Intel will also be adding support for AVX-512, an improved Turbo Boost Max Technology, and boosted DDR4 speeds.

When it comes to Skyalke-X processors Intel has made changes to the smart cache hierarchy. These changes include reducing L3 cache by 50% and quadrupling L2 cache to 1MB per core. By doing this Intel is able to keep more data closer to the cores. Remember L1 cache is the fastest then you have L2, L3, DRAM, Optane, NAND, and then finally HDDs. L2 cache is more expensive as it is much faster.

Intel has also changed L3 cache or LLC (lowest level cache) to be non-inclusive. Before it was inclusive, meaning that it contained all data in the cache level below it. Now it may or may not include all the data in the cache below it. Only Skylake-X processors will get this tweak, Kabylake-X processors will not.

One thing that is really nice about these new processors is that all of them are unlocked. Intel has added some overclocking enhancements. You now have memory controller trim voltage control, which we assume means you will be able to change the voltage of the memory controller alone rather than a larger region inside the system agent. You also have the ability to overclock the DMI/PCI-E bus. Intel will continue to provide its Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP) as well.

Finally Intel’s Max Turbo Boost Max 3.0 has been inproved. Before the Turbo Boost 3.0 would only boost one core very high, now it can boost your two best cores up higher.

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