Intel Is Preparing Core i5-13490F CPU With Higher Clocks And More Cache

The Core i5-12490F is a special edition released for the Chinese market with increased cache. This processor used a die from a high-end model with increased L3 cache and a higher clock speed than the i5-12400F.

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The successor known as the i5-13490F seems to follow this principle. According to the screenshot shared by @wnxod, the CPU has 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. That said, the full configuration is 10 cores and 16 threads, the same as the i5-13400F. The difference is in the clock speed, which is 200MHz higher, on par with the i5-13500. Additionally, the L3 cache has 24 MB, so an additional 4 MB is available with this SKU.

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However, the L2 cache is unchanged and remains the same at 9.5 MB. The processor was tested with the CPU-Z integrated benchmark and scored 779.7 and 6834.5 points, respectively. in single-core and multi-core. This equates to 6% and 4.5% better performance than the Core i5-13400F. The previous model had a special black box and it was only sold in the Chinese market.

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Intel did not provide any stock cooler with this processor. The i5-13490F is yet to be listed by Intel on the official website, nor was it announced last month at CES 2023 with the reveal of the non-K series.