Intel Is Secretly Working On A Dual-Core “Intel 300” Desktop CPU With 46W TDP

As per hardware leaker chi11eddog, Intel is preparing to introduce a new processor called “Intel 300.” This departure from the previous Pentium/Celeron branding is notable. Intriguingly, the upcoming CPU will not fall within the Core or Processor series either.

Setting aside the puzzling name choice, this release marks a highly anticipated improvement over the Pentium Gold G7400, which remained unchanged throughout the 13th Gen Core series update. Although Intel’s desktop entry-level CPU lineup hasn’t seen significant improvements, the Alder Lake-N series did introduce an Efficient core design in its mobile release. This innovative design has already been adopted in various Mini-PCs and embedded systems.

intel core processors

In the context of a robust desktop platform, there is a possibility for enhanced power delivery, making a purely efficient architecture less practical. Despite Intel’s plans to introduce a data-center CPU series named Sierra Forest, which solely utilizes smaller cores, the desktop platform will continue to follow a Performance architecture model featuring 2 cores and 4 threads.

The primary improvement of significance will be an increase in the base frequency clock speed, raising it from 3.7 GHz to 3.9 GHz. It’s important to mention that these entry-level desktop CPUs won’t feature turbo boost capability. Additionally, the Thermal Design Power (TDP) won’t utilize Maximum Turbo Power (MTB) in this context either. The base power will remain steady at 46W, identical to the Pentium Gold G7400. Similarly, the L3 cache size of 6MB will remain unaltered.

As per the information provided by the leaker, it is expected that this CPU will be unveiled in the current quarter, potentially coinciding with the scheduled Raptor Lake Refresh update in the upcoming month.