Intel Killing The Pentium G4560 To Boost Core i3 Sales

Intel’s Pentium G4560 seems to be doing a little too well for what Intel likes. For the past two generations Intel has enabled HyperThreading on Pentium dual-core chips, and increased L3 cache amount from 2 MB to 3 MB. These two changes have been what has kept people away from Intel’s Core i3 lineup. HyperThreading was added as many games and applications would not work without 4 logical CPUs. The G4560 is a great part at only $64, with 2-cores, 4-threads, “Kaby Lake” micro-architecture, 3MB of L3 cache, and clock speeds of 3.50 GHz. Then you have Core i3 dual-core parts which are pretty much double the price, which makes buying them a pretty dumb option. So to boost Core i3 sales it seems like Intel will be killing off the Pentium G4560.

intel pentium

According to a report by DigiWorthy, Intel will be scaling down production of the Pentium G4560 to cripple its availability and force consumers to go for the higher-priced 7th generation Core i3 parts. The cheapest Core i3 part, the Core i3-7100 is priced at $117, which is almost double that of the G4560. It gives you the same two “Kaby Lake” cores, 4-threads with HyperThreading, the same 3 MB L3 cache, and a slightly high clock speed at 3.90 GHz and a faster faster integrated graphics core.

Do you think the 400 MHz bump in speed makes it worth twice the price? We don’t think so, especially since the G4560 has proved to be a great overclocker.

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