Intel enables overclocking for B460 chipsets

There has been some information from a Chinese domestic motherboard maker about the upcoming Intel B460 chipset. It wasn’t unexpected since some news about the 10th generation Intel Core i3-10300 and Core i3-10100 was leaked conveniently. Competition is good as it makes competitors bring more value. But it seems to have made Intel be more flexible.

Intel changing with the times?

There are news reports of Intel enabled overclocking in its upcoming B460 chipset with LGA 1200 socket. Traditionally, Intel B and H series chipsets never had overclocking enabled, keeping the feature exclusive to its more expensive Z series chipsets. AMD B series chipsets provide better value for money in its offerings. So it is good to see Intel reading the memo. So it is safe to say that we will be seeing some 10th generation Comet Lake unlocked Core i3 CPUs. Maybe a Core i3-10300K?

It still needs to compete on paper with the upcoming AMD B550 chipset. AMD’s upcoming chipset’s main offering is the PCIe 4.0 x16 slot. PCIe 4.0 support for the Intel B460 chipset is not known yet. The LGA 115x CPU cooler backward compatibility with LGA 1200 is confirmed, adding more value for those who want to upgrade.

The reasoning behind disabling OC feature

Many wondered about Intel’s reasoning to disable overclocking for its B series chipsets. According to a report, Intel was more concerned about the quality of the non-Z motherboard’s power delivery since it is meant for low budget purchases. Its a valid concern But some motherboard manufacturers had their moments of enabling overclocking for B and H series motherboards. Usually, such bad apples are called out by users and reviewers eventually. Intel can always set a mandatory VRM and phase standard for its AIB partners to follow.

But we shouldn’t be surprised some form of overclocking limitation in the B series chipset, to maintain a premium gap with the Z490 chipset. Unlike the B550 chipsets that are making its debut well after the AMD Ryen 3 3300X and 3100, Intel should be releasing these with the Z490 and the Comet Lake CPUs.

About the B460 iCraft motherboard…


The leaked images are from domestic brands in China The photographs belong to Maxsun B460 iCraft Gaming Endless. It also indicated a ‘single click overclock’ similar to offerings by multiple motherboard manufacturers. This has an eight-phase power delivery system.

Source: VideocardZ

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