Intel Says Meteor Lake Has AV1 Video Encoding And Decoding Support

The Intel Media Driver video coding matrix validates Meteor Lake’s compatibility for AV1. The decentralized design of Intel Meteor Lake will allow the company to offer greater graphics and video coding support flexibility. New game modes and enhanced encoding capabilities will be possible with the Tiger Lake series’ integrated Xe-LPG graphics. As with the DG2 (Arc Alchemist) series, Intel has now officially announced that MTL (Meteor Lake) will support AV1 8- and 10-bit video encoding and decoding. This innovative, royalty-free video format is up to fifty percent more efficient than the H.264 format.

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Igor’sLAB indicated support for low-power AV1 encoding in a Slide that was leaked a few months back. The Media Driver upgrade now verifies it. The addition of AV1 decoding and encoding capability for Meteor Lake could accelerate the adoption of this video format by prominent streaming providers. In addition to AMD RDNA3, NVIDIA Ada and Intel Alchemist now support the AV1 codec. This compatibility will shortly be introduced to mobile products from AMD and NVIDIA.

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OneRaichu claims that a project with the codename “MTS-S,” which should stand for desktop series, may really be canceled. Given what we now know about the product in question, this rumor is absolutely shocking. Nonetheless, this leaker has a solid track record, particularly for Intel-related information. Recent information on the Raptor Lake series upgrades has been leaked along with internal Intel slides. This product will be released in the third quarter of the next year, which is around when desktop Meteor Lake updates may be anticipated. Even if these speculations turn out to be accurate, the Meteor Lake mobile deployment should proceed as planned.

Via Intel Media Driver

Images Credit: Intel, Igor’s Lab