Intel Shows Designs For Sapphire Rapids, Alder Lake, Granite Rapids And Meteor Lake CPUs

Intel has revealed the designs of their Alder Lake, Sapphire Rapids, Meteor Lake, and Granite Rapids CPUs at the Intel Accelerated event. They also shared information on upcoming changes to its node naming.

Intel Meteor Lake Granite Rapids 1200x470 1

Intel has confirmed that Alder Lake consumer CPUs and Sapphire Rapids data center processors will utilize Intel 7 node. We have also received confirmation that Alder Lake will start shipping from this year, while Sapphire Rapids will enter production in Q1 2022. For the first time ever, Intel has shown the design of each processor by clearly illustrating the hybrid architecture design of Alder Lake (with high-efficiency and high-performance cores) and the multi-die design of the Sapphire Rapids CPUs.

Intel Alder Lake Sapphire Rapids 1200x440 1

Intel 4 will enter the production phase in Q2 2022, and the shipping will start from 2023. The Meteor Lake for clients and Granite Rapids for data centers will be based on Intel 4. Intel’s SVP and GM at Technology Development, Dr. Ann Kelleher, revealed this information.

The picture below shows the GPU die of the Meteor Lake processor and the Granite Rapids processors. The Meteor lake’s GPU die will have 196 cores, while the Granite’s die apparently is a dual die with 60 squares on each die. Intel is silent about Granite’s specs, but assuming that square represents a core, then it will be a 120 core processor.

Intel Meteor lake CPU 1200x562 1

Moreover, Intel has confirmed that Meteor Lake will utilize Foveros packaging technology. The processor will also support the 5-125W TDP range. Intel Meteor Lake will arrive as the 14th Gen Core series following Raptor Lake, which is now expected to arrive in late 2022.