Intel Skylake i7-6700K Hits 6.5 GHz on Liquid Nitrogen

Just yesterday we showed you a 5.2 GHz overclock of Intel’s upcoming Skylake flagship processor the Core i7-6700K. If you can do 5.2 GHz on air, then what you do when liquid Nitrogen is thrown into the mix? Well it looks like you can get the chip to an impressive 6.5 GHz! That is a 2.5 GHz overclock from the chips stock speed of 4.0 GHz!


Overclocker and PC enthusiast PLG was the one who was able to achieve this overclock. He used a MSI Gaming Z170 motherboard and a single stick of DDR4 memory module. He got all the way up to 6.5 GHz by upping the CPU voltage to 2.032V.


This currently sits as the record for a Core i7-6700K overclock, will someone be able to beat it?

Source: MyGaming | News Archive

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