Intel Skylake Processor and Motherboard Launch Dates Revealed

We have been waiting in anticipation for Intel’s Skylake platform for a while now. We got a glimpse of what to expect as many motherboard manufacturers showed off their Skylake motherboards at Computex last month. Well the release dates for Intel’s Skylake processors and accompanying chipsets to support the processors have been revealed!

Intel Skylake

First lets start with the CPUs. We originally reported that Intel’s flagship Skylake processors, the Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K, would launch at Gamescom which takes place August 5-9 in Germany. This looks to be true as the embargo dates on the processors are set for August 5th 2015. The rest of the Skylake processors will launch between August 30th and September 5th.


With the new processors will come new motherboards and it looks like the enthusiast Z170 chipset will launch alongside the flagship processors on August 5th. Following the Z170 chipset will be the H170, B150, H110, Q170, and Q150 which will all launch between August 30th and September 5th.


The next couple of months are going to bring a lot of new motherboards! We are excited are you?!

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