Intel To Launch Its 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” Between October 17 to 23

According to Enthusiastic Citizen (ECSM), a Chinese media outlet known for revealing CPU makers’ plans ahead of public announcements, Intel is reportedly preparing to release its 14th Gen Core series around mid-October.

Enthusiastic Citizen (ECSM) goes into further detail, mentioning that the 14th Gen Core series launch is scheduled for the 42nd week of this year, taking place between October 17 and October 23. The information is said to be derived from unreleased Intel roadmaps.

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As per the customary practice, the launch will likely involve separate releases for Core-K and non-K models, aligning with Intel’s recent tradition for desktop CPUs. The non-K models are anticipated to be launched in the first week of 2024, potentially coinciding with another CES unveiling.

Enthusiastic Citizen (ECSM) also mentions the upcoming next-generation desktop platform will be named Arrow Lake. This architecture is expected to bring significant updates to Intel’s desktop series, featuring completely new designs and a different socket, possibly LGA-1851. The report provides a list of potential motherboard chipsets for this platform, including Intel Z890, B860, and H810, while omitting any mention of the H870 chipset. This aligns Intel’s consumer Core product naming and platform with AMD’s counterparts, with options such as Core 3/5/7/9 versus Ryzen 3/5/7/9, and Z890/B860/H810 versus X670/B650/B620.

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It is worth noting that the same media outlet had previously reported last year that the 13th Gen Core, codenamed “Raptor Lake,” would be launched in mid-October following a planned September unveiling. This prediction turned out to be accurate, and now, enthusiasts might find a sense of familiarity as Intel appears to be following an almost identical annual update cycle with the Refresh.