Intel To Launch Xeon “Sierra Forest” With 144 Efficient Cores In Q1 2024

Intel has revealed its plans to address the upcoming launch of AMD’s EPYC CPU, code-named Bergamo, during the Data Center and AI Investor Webinar. The Bergamo CPU is designed with a high-core density architecture based on Zen4c technology. In response, Intel plans to introduce its own Atom/Efficient core architecture for its Xeon series.

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Intel will now offer a split Xeon CPU offering between Performance and Efficient optimized architectures, as their Xeon series has only included the former so far. The new E-core based Xeons are expected to deliver improved power efficiency.

Intel has confirmed that it will launch a new product named Sierra Forest in 2024, which will include up to 144 Efficient cores. The company stated that the architecture is in “excellent silicon health” and is on track to be launched in the first half of 2023. Intel also reaffirmed its plan to use the Intel 3 process node for this architecture.

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Additionally, Intel announced that Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids will share the same platform, which is called “Birch Stream”. According to the presentation, Granite Rapids will follow Sierra Forest closely.

In addition, Intel has officially confirmed the existence of a successor to Sierra Forest, named “Clearwater Forest”, which was previously a topic of rumors. The company plans to launch this architecture in 2025, and it will use the Intel 18A node, making it the first Xeon CPU to utilize this process technology.

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Intel has restated its plans to release the 5th Gen Xeon Scalable CPU, codenamed “Emerald Rapids,” in Q4 of 2022. This will directly succeed the Sapphire Rapids CPU and will use the same platform. Additionally, during the webinar, Intel demonstrated the 6th Gen Xeon series, “Granite Rapids,” which showed a DDR5 memory bandwidth of 1.5 TB/s, which is an 80% increase compared to the current server product. The series is confirmed to support MCR mode with up to DDR5-8800.

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