Intel Unveils NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” Featuring 13th Gen CPUs

Intel has released the NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon,” featuring 13th Gen Core CPUs. This is Intel’s most powerful NUC to date.

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The Intel NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” has 13th Gen CPUs, Triple-Slot dGPU Support, and is priced at USD 1179.The latest Intel NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” PC supports the latest twelve-inch triple-slots graphics cards while also offering access to unlocked 13th Gen Core processors. Intel targets power users and high-end “enthusiast gamers.”

This year marks the [10th] anniversary of our impressive lineup of Intel NUC products[.] The Intel NUC 13 Extreme (code-named Raptor Canyon) [represents] how far we’ve come. Our first-ever NUC demonstrated a breakthrough in the miniaturization of a small desktop PC into an ultra-small PC form factor. While much larger than our tiniest mini-PC, our latest Intel NUC 13 Extreme sets a new bar for how to pack stellar gaming performance in a form factor … 70% smaller than a typical 50L gaming tower. Along with the epic performance you expect from an Intel NUC product, we also deliver exceptional product quality and feature density in a completely modular and customizable design.
— Brian McCarson, Intel Vice President and General Manager, Intel NUC Group

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When it comes to cooling and performance, the Intel NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” PC is unparalleled in its tiny form size and innovative new capabilities. The casing was designed from scratch, departing from the company’s normal designs. The system makes less noise, thanks to the new chassis design, which keeps it small.

The NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” is powered by a 13th-generation Intel Core i9 Desktop CPU, providing 32 processing threads over 8 performance and 16 efficiency cores. The NUC 13 Extreme has a maximum boost clock frequency of 5.8 GHz.

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China will get the first shipment of the Intel NUC 13 Extreme “Raptor Canyon” before the end of the year, followed by a larger distribution to other regions.The current list price for the most recent NUC 13 Extreme kit is between $1179 and $1549, while that for the NUC 13 Extreme Compute Element is between $760 and $1100. Pricing varies depending on the configuration selected by the user.