Intel vPro Roadmap Leaked; Alder Lake Mobile And Desktop Series Will Arrive In Q1 2022

A recently leaked roadmap indicates that Intel has plans to refresh its vPro client products in Q1 2022.

Intel Alder Lake Mobile

The roadmap isn’t the latest one, as the revision date mentioned on the slide indicates that it is from this year, 16th January 2021, to be exact. Although the image sent to Videocardz is not of good quality; it is good enough to read the text. The text reveals the names of Alder Lake-S and Alder Lake-P to debut in Q1 2021.

Do note that the VPro product series is mentioned in the roadmap, which is Intel’s business CPU lineup with improved remote manageability, security, and validation for at least 15 months till the next series launch.

Intel Alder Lake VPRO Roadmap Full

The roadmap confirms that desktop Alder Lake-S vPRO will offer up to 16 cores since it will share specs with the consumer Alder Lake-S. The specifications of the high-end Alder Lake Core i9-12900K SKU are already out in the wild, so the core count shouldn’t be a surprise.

Intel has listed its Alder Lake-P series with up to 14-cores, which probably means that processors will have hybrid configurations like 6C+8c with high-performance and high-efficiency cores. The U15, U28, and H45 series are also included under the Alder Lake-P series. A higher-end Alder Lake-S mobile series codenamed H55 will feature 8C+8c, but it looks like these are not included in Intel’s vPro lineup.

Intel Alder Lake Windows Support

Moreover, Videocardz also received the Windows 10 support roadmap for the Alder Lake S/P/M vPro series. The roadmap was created way before the Windows 11 announcement.

Via Videocardz