Intel Xe Graphics Card Dev Kits Are Shipping to Developers

Intel has been working hard to make their first discrete GPU lineup a reality. During Intel’s Q3 earning call Intel CEO Bob Swan announced that, “This quarter we’ve achieved power-on exit for our first discrete GPU DG1, an important milestone.” What he means by power on exit is the post-silicon debug techniques that involve putting a prototype chip on a custom PCB to see if it works / boots. With this being successful Intel now has a working product capable of running real-world workloads and software.

Since this is completed the developer kit for the “DG1” graphics card is being sent out to various developers around the world, according to European Economy Commission listings. The developer kits is being called the “Discrete Graphics DG1 External FRD1 Accessory Kit (Alpha) Developer Kit”. Since this is marked as Alpha we can see that the actual launch of Xe GPUs is getting closer, rumors have put the actual launch around mid-2020.

Via PCGamesN

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