Intel Xeon Phi 3100 and 5100 Computing Cards Set for 2014 Launch

Intel’s Xeon Phi coprocessors are PCI-Express compute accelerators made for supercomputers, much like NVIDIA’s Tesla GPU cards. These coprocessors were announced last November and the next expansion of the Xeon Phi family is planned for 2014.


Intel will be releasing new 31xx and 51xx products that will feature larger on-board memory. Starting with the new 31xx cards they will now come with 12 GB of RAM, which is twice as much as the current Xeon Phi 3120A and 3120P coprocessors. The rest of the specifications will remain the same. There will be 57 cores, it will run at 1.1 GHz and have a 300W TDP. The GDDR5 memory will have an effective speed of 5 GT/s. There will be two models, one with active cooling and another with passive cooling.

The new 51xx coprocessors will also double the size of the RAM up to 16 GB. Intel plans to keep the rest of the specs the same as the 5110P and 5120D products. Both the new cards will operate at 1.053 GHz and will have 60 cores. The passive cooling version will have a 225W TDP and will have an effective memory speed a 5 GT/s. The other dense form factor model will have a 245W TDP and an effective memory speed of 5.5 GT/s.


Source: CPU World | News Archive

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