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Intel Xeon Phi Knights Landing
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Intel’s 72-Core Supercomputing Chip is Coming to Workstations

Intel's Xeon Phi chips are typically reserved for supercomputing. Well Intel is looking to change the game by bringing their upcoming 72-core Xeon Phi chip code-named Knights Landing to the desktop workstation market. There will be a limited number of workstations shipping in the first half of next year from Intel, who will also control the initial distribution.

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Intel Xeon Phi ‘Knights Landing’ Details Unveiled

Intel's Xeon Phi Coprocessor has made quite a name for itself in the High Performance Computing sector. This is because while many supercomputers use GPGPUS (General Purpose GPUs) such as NVIDIA Tesla which rely on a CPU and special code to operate the Xeon Phi requires neither. We have just received details of the next generation of the Xeon Phi, which is codenamed "Knights Landing".

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Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Rumored to be Coming to LGA Socket

Rumors have it that the Intel Xeon Phi is finally walking out on the PCI-E and is soon going to be available with the usual LGA Socket Packaging. The coprocessor has been built around the MIC (Many Integrated Core) Architecture and can house 60 cores in a single package. These processors which have been used in the HPC and Supercomputing clusters in the GPU form factor, which had plenty of benefits to offer, will now be available with the LGA Socket.

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