Intelligence Augmentation vs Artificial Intelligence

While some companies are only starting to study the value of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation for business, other companies have already confirmed the success of implementing these technologies in business processes, applications and have provided increased convenience and productivity of their businesses multiple times.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Presently recognized as a scientific and engineering breakthrough in the middle of the XX century Artificial Intelligence was supposed to grow into one of the innovative directions of the R&D industry.

Actually, Artificial Intelligence is considered to follow human models in educational, logical, philosophical, rational, and creative fields.

What is Intelligence Augmentation (IA)?

Primarily as machine learning, Intelligence Augmentation was focused on the act as an exponential application of digital automation to reinforce human effectiveness in scrutiny, investigation, and outlining.

Intelligence Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence Difference

Despite some conceivable impressions of similar technologies, Intelligence Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence are endured as unequal in the target and basis manner.

Artificial Intelligence is directed to generate structures that are mostly operated without humans, whereas Intelligence Augmentation is marked to design systems to harmonize peoples’ life.

The digital blossom has been successfully adapted to everyday human life, and, contemporaneously, people change their experiences with visible AI and IA assistance.

Implementation Areas

Currently, people face these technologies in the majority of digital processes. Intelligence Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence have been firmly penetrated all human spaces sustaining money and saving time for pleasant family activities instead of boring working abilities.

A large number of data science companies continue to extend AI development assimilating the advanced areas in order to invent new digital appliances and methods adopted by Intelligence Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence for the companies which are intended to boost business productivity.

Exploring volumes of data, these digital discoverers analyze, explore, and create AI-based solutions, IA-tools, and products to optimize the expenses of business owners and equip adaptability of new digital selections to the society.

Researchers are able to predict implementation of this digital automation in certain physical work with technical usefulness about 78% like food cooking, packaging materials, soldering, welding, and uncertain physical work with technical usefulness about 25% like afforestation, manufacturing, animal care.


Gaming is supposed to be the trendiest types of social entertainment. Gaming is a significant sector of human life, enlisting millions of people to absorb digital content.

Initially, Artificial Intelligence has generally affected gaming area development. Nowadays, players are accustomed to chess, poker, and other games playing with thinking machines which are programmed to predict various feasible positions and steps, to examine intellectual strengths.

AI and IA technology bred original numeric media, primarily with astonishing e-sports and impressive cascading platforms, which have increased the quantity of viewing scores worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation games’ design creates impossible projections in physical life to become real in the virtual world, accommodating human nature and actions, sensitive behavior, preceding practice, testing tactics and maneuvers, forecasting, and memorizing human errors.

Linguistics, Education and Online Interaction

Communication between people totally glided into the online world. Hereby this interaction has been improved by bots and chat bots which handle problems of language texts and punctuation signs correction adapting to language flow, translation and etc.

Nowadays, it has become achievable for computers to understand spoken or written humans’ language.

Some machines can recognize various spoken accents, speech styles, slang phrases, clamor in the background.

The handwriting comprehension includes different means of writing with pens, styluses, and can provide conversion into recognizable text.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation have made a great contribution to online education by automating informational and educational processes like grading, multiple choice systems and additional support.


Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation tools are well operated by the retailers to analyze and forecast purchasers’ behavior, enhance the efficiency store operations competence, and sustain customers’ flow.

Deeply integrated into the retail industry, AI and IA are generally subtitled into the following usage criteria: CRM and sales appliances, consumer guidance, manufacturing processes, transportation planning and distribution, payment procedures, and refund.

Consequently, on the one hand, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation illustrate a pivotal input info-marketing sector and, on another hand, modern technologies assist to meet the customers’ expectations in e-Commerce segmentation.


Intrinsically, machine learning methods have been successfully implemented into CRM programs and analytics platforms to follow the customer service areas improvements.

The majority of websites or call centers are fully equipped with inquiry-and-feedback digital assistants that can reply to some associated questions and minimize staff working time.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Augmentation Intelligence adjustments of expert systems are extensively used to collect individual data and provide explanations and financial decisions for analyzing investment possibilities, assessing financial risks, improving predictions, getting bank loans, fix credit limits, etc.

Eventually, the majority of banking, financial, and insurance institutions deal with AI and IA technologies to resolve extensive and complicated data rapidly and accurately than people.


The initial objective of AI and IA applications for Healthcare is to investigate the links between interception or cure methods and patients’ recoveries, which finally minimize the doctors’ errors.

That’s why some clinical vision AI & IA expert systems are widespread among doctors who use them to diagnose the patients and personalize medical treatment.

For example, AI and IA applications successfully provide more accurate diagnoses of cancer, blood illnesses, and rare diseases. Moreover, they represent tremendous assistance in drug manufacturing.

In addition, AI-chatbots are used to consult the humans and make the scheduled appointments.

Law and Order

Whereas the lawyers use automated computer assistants to sift the documents, Police apply computer software to match the made portrait and the criminal face.

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation can also support the law and order representatives to forecast the case conclusion and solve the disputes.

AI and AI are widely used in the court sector to automate scanning and analyzing legal documents, which leads to velocity in daily routine justice deals.

Intelligent Robots

Smart robots daily perform a wide range of human tasks such as household duties and outdoor responsibilities like cleaning, food making, monitoring growth of plants, car construction, space exploration, invasive surgery, undersea expedition, etc.

Also, they are capable of learning from their mistakes, and they can adapt to the new environment.
Competitive Advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation grant to realize the way of launching, handling, manufacturing of goods, and services.

For instance, specialized AI and IA-based programs assist in settling the accurate decisions rapidly, in automating different tasks, involving customers in purchasing, in maintaining the processes, etc.

In summary, the evident competitive AI and IA advantages are:
–       Unraveling the potential of technology for developing and accelerating business improvements and growth.

–       Overall troubles solving.

–       Developing social perspectives.

–       Speed products’ conversion.

–       International commercial activity.

While some companies learn about the competitive advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation for business, others provide the priority of this technology and offer different tools to diminish costs and compromises, to move up and speed product implementation and finally succeed in business goals.

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