Intel’s 65W Core i9-10900F 10-Core CPU Consumes 224W at Max Load and Hits 90C

As we get closer and closer to the launch of Intel’s 10th Core “Comet Lake-S” desktop processors more leaks keep on coming out. This leak comes in the form of the 65W Core i9-10900F and its thermal and power figures. Weibo user Wolstame, who had access to this processor ran a stress test and found some very interesting results. The Core i9-10900F is a 10-core, 20-thread part with a base frequency of 2.80 GHz and a boost frequency of 5.2 GHz (single core) and 4.6 GHz (all-core).

Intel Core i9 10900K 10th Gen Comet Lake Desktop CPU 65W TDP 224W Power Consumption 1

It has an official TDP rating of 65W. Now that 65W TDP is taken for the base frequency, also known as the PL1, while the actual TDP (PL2) is much higher. Looking at the HWInfo screenshot provided by Wolstame we can see that the maximum PL1 power limit is 170W and the PL2 limit is 224W, which is more than 3 times the power consumption of the official TDP. For comparison the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X does 146W at full load. Wolstame ran the Core i9-10900F at 4.6 GHz on all 10 cores with 100% load using AIDA64’s system stability test. Looking at the screenshot above we can see when the screenshot was taken the CPU Package Power was at 220.48W.

Another thing to note is temperatures. Looking at the CPU Package temperature when the screenshot was taken it was at 90C with a maximum of 94W and from our understanding this is with a 240mm all-in-one liquid cooling unit.

So it appears Intel has really dropped the efficiency bar on these new 10th generation processors and you’ll definitely need to have a pretty serious cooling solution if you want to do any overclocking.

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