Intel’s 8-Core LGA1151 Chips Will Be 14nm “Coffee Lake” Based

We’ve already talked about Intel prepping to launch 8-core, 16-thread mainstream processors in 2018. It looks like these chips will be based off the current 14 nanometer “Coffee Lake” micro-architecture, according to a leaked XTU errata log. A change-long reads “[CFL] Added support for 8,2 core,” where “CFL” is the three-letter contraction of “Coffee Lake,” just as “KBL” stands for “Kaby Lake” and “HSW” for “Haswell.”

intel 8core

So it looks like this will be a “Coffee Lake” refresh or Intel simply expanding their 8th generation mainstream desktop lineup with 8-Core, 16-thread parts. Intel’s 8th generation desktop processors are expected to launch with 6-core parts under the Core i7 and Core i5 extensions and quad-core parts under the Core i3 extension.

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