Intel’s USB-C Integrated Thunderbolt 3 Shows Up On Dell’s Revamped XPS Line

USB-C is slowly being adopted, we first saw it on Apple’s 12-inch Retina Macbook and now we are seeing on it newer motherboards. While a typical USB-C connection can be limited, Intel’s new USB-C integrated Thunderbolt 3 connection is going to open up a lot of possibilities.

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This new port just hit the market on its first line of products, which happens to be Dell’s revamped XPS range of laptops. This new USB-C port will combine superspeed USB, Thunderbolt, PCI-Express and power. This means that the DisplayPort channel can run two 4K monitors!

Instead of a single port Dell has gone with two on its XPS range. This is an approach that we feel other laptop manufacturers will follow, including Apple. This is also great news for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt has not been adopted all that much, but with a universal connector for both USB and Thunderbolt we could see Thunderbolt being adopted a lot more!

Source: 9to5Mac | News Archive

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