Investor notice, tax relief filing hints GTA 6 release date

After seven years, Rockstar Games has been showing signs of GTA 6 is in the works. Its was very recent when it made GTA V for free via EPIC Games. Now we know sure there is something in the works made by Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Filing with the US Securities and Exchanges

The company filed a Form 10-K at the US Securities and Exchange Commission last week. The filing is done by companies to inform their investors and relevant government authorities about their future plans and planned spending for the future.

What’s interesting is that Take-Two Interactive plans to spend on marketing during FY 2024. The filing shows the company intends to spend double its marketing expenses compared to its previous marketing budget. Looking at the success and longevity of GTA V, it shouldn’t be surprising if this is planned for the next Grand Theft Auto. With Rockstar Games enjoying success throughout the board with GTA V for over seven years, they will consider leaving no stone unturned for GTA 6.

Other signs of life

A sub-reddit community was able to notice certain activity in GTA IV’s domain at its back-end. The domain is owned by Take-Two Interactive. Other indications are the Rockstar UK’s tax relief filing, which hints at production cost for GTA 6.

Its not surprising Rockstar Games is working on an IP that’s been very successful for them. But seeing preparedness for the game’s marketing and production for 2024 gives an estimation of when we can expect the game to roll out. Nothing is 100% for certain. But it is something to look forward to in the future. In the meantime, GTA V is available on Steam, EPIC and XBOX PC Game pass for PC gamers. There’s also a large community base of GTA V Roleplaying livestreams on Twitch. 

VIA PC Gamer

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