InWin 925 Full Tower Case Review


Getting everything installed inside of the InWin 925 should be fairly simple. Large cases tend to be a lot easier as there is far more room to with inside of. The first thing we are going to do is set the case on its side and install our motherboard. You will have to install the motherboard standoffs yourself, but InWin does include a standoff tool so you shouldn’t have any issues. As you can see our ATX motherboard fits in no problem.

InWin 925 Full Tower Case InWin 925 Full Tower Case

After installing your motherboard you might want to start connecting the case cables as they will be harder to connect with more hardware installed.

InWin 925 Full Tower Case

The next thing we will be installing is our hard drives, which are two 2.5-inch solid state drives. These are easily installed on the removable mounts on the backside of the motherboard tray. If we were to install a 3.5-inch drive the process would be the same, except with the larger trays.

InWin 925 Full Tower Case InWin 925 Full Tower Case

The power supply is next. It easily slides in to the bottom of the case from the side. There is a sort of clip that you can adjust to fully secure your power supply.

InWin 925 Full Tower Case InWin 925 Full Tower Case

This case does not ship with any fans, but InWin was nice enough to send us along 9 of their Sirius Loop 120 mm fans. We installed them in the front, top, and rear of the case. They were quite easy to install as each one of the cooling brackets are removable from the case. The last thing we had to install was our graphics card, which slotted in not problem. Also there is plenty of room inside the case for longer graphics cards.

inwin 925 48 inwin 925 49 inwin 925 50 inwin 925 55

The last thing that needs to be done is organize all of our cables. Our cables are really a mess due to daisy-chaining the RGB fans. Each one of the nine fans we used has both a power cable and an RGB cable. I did notice that while there were quite a lot of tie-downs towards the front of the case. Around the CPU cutout and above the power supply mount there were not tie-downs in places we really needed them. I also noticed that because of the large cut-outs in the case towards the front it was really hard to hide cables, especially when the connections for both of our SSDs are right in one of those cutouts.

InWin 925 Full Tower Case InWin 925 Full Tower Case

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