InWin 925 Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts

The InWin 925, like most InWin cases is extremely unique and allows for some pretty insane builds. As I mentioned earlier this case is the little brother to the larger 928, but don’t let that fool you, the 925 is a pretty massive full tower case. You have support for motherboards up to E-ATX, long graphics cards, six hard drives, up to nine fans, and various different cooling options. So for those who are looking to build an over-the-top system the 925 might be the perfect fit.

Why is this case so unique? Well first the outer shell is made up of a single piece of 4mm-thick brushed aluminum. Since it is a single piece it allows for the seamless lines and curves that you see on the case. Then you have two massive tempered glass side panels. These panels are held into place by four large bolts, which sort of give the case an industrial look.

When you offer room for up to nine fans you really need to make them easy to install and InWin does just that. You have cooling brackets on the top and front of the case, which are easily removed from the case for you to install your fans or radiators on. The back panel of the case is also removable. All of your hard drive mounts / trays are removable from the case and you have more than enough room to work with inside the main compartment of the case.

There were a few things about this case that I was not a fan of. I know InWin was trying to keep the overall look of the case with the rear panel that covers up your connections, but literally everytime you want to connect a new device you have to remove the panel. It just gets annoying after a while, especially if you have RGB fans installed back there and the RGB connections keeps coming undone. The two removable fan brackets are great, but InWin could have thought of cable management. You have to route your cables to either end of the brackets, it would have been nice to see some cable routing holes built into them.

This case is selling at our favorite online retailer for $499. That is expensive, especially for a case that ships without any fans. Although if you are buying a case like this we assume you have your cooling setup thought out in your head and you likely wouldn’t use any fans that come with the case. The case does have the sexy exterior made out of a single piece of aluminum and massive tempered glass side panels. Overall ThinkComputers gives the InWin 925 Full Tower Case an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Sleek design
– Brushed aluminum outer shell
– Two massive tempered glass side panels
– Lots of room inside
– Removable cooling brackets
– Easy to build inside
– USB 3.2 gen 2 Type-C connection

– Have to remove rear bracket every time you need to connect / disconnect a device
– No cable routing holes on the cooling brackets
– Not as clean of a look because of the larger cable routing holes

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