Is a Bluetooth scale reliable?

Obesity is an incipient health crisis that currently affects 15% of the global population. Today, most people live sedentary lifestyles – they barely engage in physical exercise outside of work. This lack of exercise, coupled by poor diet choices, are mainly to blame for the prevalent obesity rates. Being overweight comes with a variety of unpleasant consequences. For instance, obese individuals have a higher risk of contracting hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.

You can avert these appalling health conditions by losing excess weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. If you’re currently trying to shed off that stubborn fat, you should probably know that only about 20% of overweight people achieve success in losing weight and keeping it off in the long run. Today, there are numerous tech gadgets designed to aid our fitness goals. The smart bathroom scale is an effective health tracking gadget that can help you reach your fitness goals eight times faster.

How it works

Bluetooth scales use advanced tracking technologies to monitor your weight, bone mass, muscle mass and other crucial health indicators. For instance, the FitTrack Dara scale has four distinct metal electrodes that transmit small electrical signals through your feet and into your body. Since your muscle tissues are hydrated, they allow the safe electrical signal to pass through. However, this signal meets high resistance upon hitting your fat tissue. The smart Dara scale measures this resistance and forwards the resultant data to accurate FitTrack equations. When calculations are done, the scale provides a factual report of your body composition via the FitTrack app.

The remarkable accuracy of Bluetooth scales have endeared them with many physicians around the globe. When it comes to measuring weight, smart bathroom scales such as FitTrack Dara provide the most reliable data (accurate to +/- 300g). You can easily know whether you’re losing fat mass or gaining muscle mass using this scale. Most people who work towards losing excess fat are often discouraged by the seemingly little fluctuations in weight when they step on the scale. What they don’t realize is that they could be losing fat while simultaneously gaining muscle – which should be the ultimate goal.

Why Bluetooth scales are the best

  1. They provide charts and personalized data

Using a Bluetooth scale has numerous perks. For instance, it provides users with crucial health insights that are highly individualized. Most smart scales come with a user-friendly mobile application that displays statistics and charts that are quite easy to read. Whenever you step on your bathroom scale, data is collected and sent to your phone. The app provides daily, weekly and monthly health tracking which motivates users to stick to their wellness regimen. If you’re looking to get a stunning, well-chiseled body, then you probably need all the motivation you can get. Investing in a Bluetooth scale is well worth it.

  1. Designed for different body types

Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or an infrequent runner, getting an exquisite smart scale like FitTrack Dara can help you achieve your body goals. This scale caters for all body types and uses nifty algorithm adjustments to calculate specific body compositions based on individual habits. There’s even an athlete mode that is explicitly tailored for all active users. Bluetooth scales provide detailed reporting for specific body types, providing accurate data and insights to a variety of users. This gives you a remarkable edge over fellow athletes.

  1. They are family friendly

Another benefit of using Bluetooth scales is that they can be used by more than one user. In fact, some advanced smart scales such as FitTrack Dara can automatically recognize up to eight users. Delightfully, you can invest on a single bathroom scale for the entire family. Activating infant mode allows new parents to watch their adorable children grow and keep track of their health even as they mature. Nothing makes parents happier than to see their kids grow healthy and strong. Since health is wealth, getting an accurate Bluetooth scale for your developing family is a wise investment.

  1. Sync with different devices

Bluetooth scales can conveniently sync with a variety of smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and iPads. However, not all smart scales are equipped with this feature. It’s important to inquire from your vendor whether the bathroom scale you’re just about to purchase will be compatible with your specific devices. Luckily, most smart scales like FitTrack Dara support Apple iOS and Android Operating systems. These scales can measure up to 400 lbs. (or 181 kg) of weight.

Smart Bluetooth scales are quite reliable when it comes to tracking your weight as well as your overall health