Is Ethereum a Reliable and Profitable Investment?

Following Bitcoin’s rise, many cryptocurrency projects were created in its name, either to mark out its spot in the finance sector or to build on what Bitcoin still had to give in either way. Litecoin, XRP, and other coins were among the first to follow Bitcoin. However, after the emergence of Ethereum, the crypto industry has been changed completely. This is because, from the first assets to emerge, Ethereum is more than just a payment cryptocurrency; it’s a heavy supercomputer that allows smart contracts allowing developers to use and design decentralized apps on top of. Join the official site of Bitcoin Champion and start investing in it as it is the leading cryptocurrency by clicking here at this link

What Exactly is Ethereum Investment?

An investment in Ethereum is an investment for the future of investment. The smart contract infrastructure has been designed to substitute Wall Street’s outdated and archaic back end. It has already started replacing company stock and bonds with tokens linked to smart contracts as a component of some corporate transactions. Ethereum’s promise is potentially much greater than Bitcoin’s, owing to its position as a forum for developers to create and evolve. And with a new all-time high already established, Ethereum’s new uptrend could be only getting started, which means that investing in Ethereum now may result in the greatest financial gain and return on investment. Ethereum made a return in 2020. Although it did not hit a new all-time high there until the following year, 2021, the groundwork laid in 2020 could help continued price appreciation for coming years.

Methods of Investing in Ethereum

While no one would ever have the opportunity to purchase Ethereum through its token sale again and reap those massive returns, that doesn’t imply Ethereum can’t ever be an exceptional investment. It wasn’t easy to obtain Ethereum at the time, but today it can be purchased with a few mouse clicks online. Here are a few of the most common methods of investing in Ethereum.

  • Purchase and Keep

The buy and hold policies are a sound and straightforward one, but it is also one of the riskiest due to uncertainty. The price movements in crypto market are very volatile. E.g., Ethereum was selling at $1,400 per token at one stage but has since fallen to only $80 per token. In 2019, for example, Ethereum rose from $80 to $380. By 2020, it had reverted to $90. Many who held through the downturn will have had all gains vanish and ultimately ended up just where they stopped a year later. While Ethereum had a good 2020 and is expected to be much better in 2021, since it can switch around at any moment, trading as a buy and hold is not always secure.

  • Investing

Rather than waiting out strong downtrends, spot traders will exchange their Ethereum for cash to avoid losses. On a spot system, though, there is no way to benefit from these downtrends. Traders who purchased Ethereum at the low in 2019 and sold at the peak will profit $300. Spot traders should have bought Ethereum back for $90 at the bottom of the 2020 Black Thursday market, leaving them with $290 in benefit. Derivatives trading allows participants to benefit from drawdowns in the same way as they would profit from uptrends. Through setting up a long or short spot, traders will benefit whatever price turns. In the case of the derivatives, the same $290 benefit with leverage may have resulted in $29,000 gained instead by utilizing CFDs provided by specialized cryptocurrency trading platforms like PrimeXBT. In terms of overall capital acquired, it is easy to see why depending on CFDs beats keeping or spot trading any time. Trading, on the other hand, entails uncertainties, so risk control techniques are important.

Ethereum’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Ethereum is a polarizing technology and a highly risky cryptocurrency. The crypto industry is looking for a competitor for Ethereum which can dominate it. Yet, no project has ever come near to Ethereum in terms of usefulness and use.


  • Instead of DeFi and NFTs, this is the hottest token in the crypto industry right now.
  • Ethereum has just broken its record and is about to fly ever higher.
  • ETH 2.0 is currently in development.


  • Because of the high demand for DeFi, Ethereum has lately struggled with scaling.
  • There is already a significant amount of Ethereum owned by ICO treasuries, which may dump their tokens.
  • There are several players competing to be the Ethereum killer.
  • Fees have been increasing, preventing investors from using the coin.