Is It Worth Buying A Wacom Graphics Tablet?

A graphics tablet is a pen-based device designed to input information into a computer for subsequent work. In other words, a graphics tablet is an electronic sheet of paper and a pen, with the help of which it is possible to perform various manipulations with information in various programs. And to do this with great comfort.

Graphic tablets by Wacom.

It is very easy to work with a tablet. At first, a little preparation: connect the tablet to a computer or laptop via USB-port and install the driver. The device is ready to work.

Usually the surface is a sensitive area on which you can write or draw with an electronic pen. All information is displayed on the computer screen. Some models combine the MultiTouch function. Many users are used to using a trackpad on a laptop. A graphics tablet allows you to do the same thing. You can rotate, scroll, change the scale of images with simple gestures. So, what can be useful and convenient for an average user?

Let’s have a look at the functions of the Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch series.

Bloggers, active participants of social networks, fans of digital creativity, gamers, pay attention! With the help of the tablet you can make handwritten notes, create sketches, outline, sign photos, work on the web, draw graffiti on the wall Vkontakte, give your character to any material.

Edit documents quickly and clearly, create notes, speed up your communication with an instant stroke of the pen!

Convenience has a lot to do with the pen. It has a regular shape for a human hand, intuitively resembles a pencil. The pen is ergonomic, the muscles of the hand are relaxed and the fingers are in motion. It is safe for users who spend a lot of time working at the computer and especially useful for children, who develop their motor skills. Bamboo Pen&Touch tablets bring all these pleasures to you. They are devices for home and office work. They come in different sizes, adjusted specifically for left- and right-handed people, with the necessary software. Despite the wide possibilities, it is very easy to work with the tablet, even for a child.

Using Wacom PL tablets you can insert electronic signatures into documents and office programs, draw schemes, diagrams, make handwritten notes. It is a great tool for presentations and can also be used in classrooms and conference rooms.

The Intuos has pen sensitivity, programmable buttons, and a touch ring with mode switching. All of these help you work with materials on an intuitive level. They differ in size from A6 to A3.

As a rule designers, photographers, artists, in general professionals, whose work is connected with the work in graphic editors, work with Wacom Intuos. Such tablet is indispensable for photo and mockup processing (like envelope mockup), drawing, creating 3D models, etc.

As it was mentioned before there are also graphic displays. Wacom offers two models: Cintiq12 and Cintiq21 with diagonal size of 12 and 21 inches respectively.

With this device, the designer draws directly on the screen. The Cintiq 21 for example has 16 programmable hotkeys, 2 scroll bars, 2 touch rings. Thanks to a special stand, it can be rotated 360 degrees when lying down and tilted 10-60 degrees when upright.

No matter what you do, the graphics tablet is a good assistant during work and leisure, speeds up communication with friends and colleagues, it is ergonomic and functional. And the main thing is that it does not require any special knowledge and skills.