Is Virtual Reality The Future of Online Casino?

Gambling is often seen as one of the fastest moving industries on the planet. Continually developing, it seems only natural that sites aim to get closer and closer to the Vegas experience.

The likes of roulette, blackjack and slots are all advancing as software develops, with better graphics and smoother gameplay. And that’s only going to continue.

However, one area that is really causing a stir and being touted as the next big thing in online gaming. That of course is virtual reality.

Adding further reality to slot machine sites and online casinos will bring us ever closer to the real thing, allowing users to play wherever they are in the world.

Naturally, they will never replace the brick-and-mortar offering, that thrill of dressing up and hitting the casino, but they will provide a happy medium, between online and offline. Before we get to that point though, there are a number of obstacles that VR and gambling faces before it becomes another part of the mainstream.

The biggest issue of course is the market for it. As it stands, VR is a relatively new concept with most high-quality headsets coming at a princely sum, therefore limiting the fanbase the industry can target.

As VR becomes more accessible though, we’ll expect more and more casino games to play virtually.

We are beginning to see very basic virtual reality in casinos though, almost a preliminary stage if you like. Table games such as blackjack and poker, as well as slots have emerged and been met with relatively positive reviews. It’s a stepping stone of what is to come, when we can expect almost every game available, with the ability to interact with other players and essentially play a game of cards as you would with your friends around a table.

The future is looking more and more like that way. The idea is that you would be transported to a live casino, and use either a controller or your hands to play with the cards, place bets, and practically every action you would in a brick-and-mortar casino.

The headset would then be your looking glass, giving you a full 360 vision, placing you in the very heart of the action. It will be a fully immersive experience that could be a real game changer when it comes to the online casino industry.

We’ve seen how VR has affected other aspects of gaming, including driving games, sports games and even roleplay games. There is no reason VR can’t have the same lasting effect on casino as the technology continues to become more accessible.

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