Its Not Worth Delidding Your Ryzen CPU

Many overclockers and enthusiasts de-lid their CPUs. On many processors this allows them to put their coolers right on the CPU die for better cooling performance. Well when it comes to AMD’s Ryzen CPUs it is really not worth it.


Professional overclocker der8auer was successful at de-lidding a Ryzen 7 1700 processor, but it took him three tries before he was successful. Yes, that means he bricked the first few processors he tried on. One of the main reasons it is so hard to de-lid the CPU without damaging it is that there are sensors soldered to the heatspreader.

After successfully delidding the CPU he put it through some tests and only saw a 2C difference in temperature. So it really is not worth delidding your Ryzen CPU. This shows that AMD has really done a great job with the IHS on this processor. Check out der8auer’s video below!

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