Japanese Journalists And Youtubers Are Impressed With PS5

PS5 consoles were provided to several Youtubers by Sony recently, and they were asked to share their views about it on their respective channels. The majority agrees that PS5 is a very quiet console and the fan is hardly audible.

Sony PS5
The SSD used in the PS5 and its customized storage solution is also under the spotlight. The review by Youtuber, Famitsu portrays the extremely quick loading times of the following games: Astro’s Playroom (developed by Japan Studio and preinstalled on every console) and Godfall, the looter slasher action RPG.

The Youtubers also praised the distinct features of the DualSense controllers. For example, as per the promise by the developers at Counterplay Games, Godfall melee weapons will have their own haptic feedback. Moreover, the haptic feedback is directional, which means that if the character uses the shield in his left hand to block something, you will feel the vibration in your left hand too.

ps5 controller 2
An interesting change was observed by Japanese users. Button X is now used to confirm actions in the systems menu instead of the button O which was always used in Japan Playstation consoles.

Famitsu also uploaded other videos that showcased the direct-feed footage of Godfall and Astro’s Playroom, system boot-up sequence, and provided a closer inspection of the DualSense controller.

PS5 will launch in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12 while the other regions will receive it on November 19. The digital edition is priced at $399 and the standard edition is priced at $499.

Via Famitsu