Jim Keller resigns from Intel, helps with the transition as a consultant

Intel made an update in its website, informing about Jim Keller and his move to resign from the company effective immidiately, citing personal reasons. Mr Keller was hired two years ago as the Senior Vice President in Intel’s Silicon Engineering. He worked with many tech giants notably with AMD and Apple.

Keller’s past contributions and developments in the tech industry

His contribution is used in Apple A4 and A5 processors, which was used in iPhone 4 and 4S. He worked on AMD K7, K8 processors. When he rejoined AMD, he was instrumental in the development of Zen (when he rejoined) architecture. He even worked in Tesla for silicon responsible for self-driving capability. While his contribution to the tech world is immense, he usually works for a few short years in the company and eventually moves on.  Jim Keller as the Senior VP role for two years is the shortest in his career.

Long-lasting contribution exceeding his tenure

But the effect of Jim Keller’s contributions during his time at Intel will last much longer than his tenure. Since companies have schedules and roadmaps whose architecture is designed and finally well ahead of its release, we should be seeing his best work in the future. The Zen architecture was released long after he left AMD for future prospects at the time. We will be having newer releases from Intel during this year. There’s also the Alder-Lake that will be using LGA 1700 sockets.

Transition Process

Intel added that though this is in effect immidiately, he will be helping with the transition as a consultant in the company. His role will be taken over by Sundari Mitra, the former CEO and founder of NetSpeed Systems. Currently, she heads Configurable IP and Chassis group at Intel along with this new role in the company’s leadership. Only time will tell whom will he work for in the future.

Other changes in Intel’s core team was also made. Those changes are as follows:

  • Gene Scuteri to head the Xeon and Networking Engineering Group.
  • Daaman Hejmadi returns to the Client Engineering Group which focuses on system-on-chip (SoC) execution and designing next-generation client, device and chipset products.
  • Navid Shahriari to continue to lead the Manufacturing and Product Engineering Group.

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