Jonsbo Announces NC-2 RGB Memory Heatsink

We all know that moving from a non-RGB DDR4 kit to a RGB-enabled kit can cost a pretty penny. For those who want to stick with their current memory modules, but still want to enjoy RGBs, Jonsbo has just announced their second-generation RGB LED custom memory heatspreaders, the NC-2. These are of course a successor to the NC-1’s that were released last year.

jonsbo nc 2 1

Each one of these kits includes two units, which are made for dual-channel setups. Each heatspreader is made up of two brushed aluminum plates, an RGB strip, and a diffuser.

jonsbo nc 2 2

The NC-2 has 256-color RGB LEDs and will come in two variants based on its controls. The first is a “color” variant which will give you controls over pre-programmed lighting presets. The second, which will be priced higher is the “smart” variant which gives you ASUS Aura Sync RGB control over a standard 4-pin header. This of course will give you software control for the RGBs.

jonsbo nc 2 3

The “color” variant will sell for around $13 USD, where the “smart” variant will be around $20 USD. That really is not bad at all considering the cost of RGB kits compared to non-RGB kits.

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