JSAUX Launches Transparent Front Cover Series For Steam Deck

After our long acclaimed transparent back cases, we couldn’t resist and we released the transparent front case plus a new transparent back plate with new ventilation and cooling features. Now you can fully customize your Steam Deck and embrace the retro-gaming style. But that’s not all, along with the Transparent Front Plate a new version of our Transparent Back Plates will all be on sale too, starting today!

jsaux steamdeck 2

This highly anticipated front cover will be released in three colors (crystal, brown, and purple) finally allowing you to own a fully transparent Steam Deck. This item will come with a full complimentary tool kit and an installation guide. Before exposing the guts of your Steam Deck, keep in mind that the installation process (around 3 to 5 hours long) is trickier than the one for the back cover and that you should consider seeking help from a professional – or proceed by yourself at your own discretion. Get your Transparent Front Plate here.

You can check how to change the front cover in the video below:

Our back covers are getting an upgrade! Let us introduce you these new transparent back plate redesigned with a new opening located at the Deck’s fan. The new heat dissipation system maintains the iconic aluminium sheet while managing to keep the temperature down due to new air openings and a redesign of the silicone case, thus improving the console’s performance.

jsaux steamdeck 3

Preliminary tests show that the temperature during gaming is lower than with the first model of the transparent plate, though this data may vary depending on the usage of each player. You can get yours here.

We hope you enjoy playing with these new Steam Deck toys, but remember to be extra careful! For any sales inquiries, reach out to our Support team via support@jsaux.com, they’ll be glad to help.

Via JSAUX Blog

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