Keeping Track of Your Online Employees

As more and more companies turn their sights towards online work, there exists a growing need for employee monitoring software. While it may seem that remote work is an added burden for a company, it actually can provide quite a few benefits. Revenue boosts, productivity spikes, and employee attentiveness are some unforeseen benefits of remote work.

With these benefits, there do exist some drawbacks of remote work. While most employees will benefit from the home environment in which they now work, some may experience a loss of productive energy. That, coupled with the extended possibility of security breaches due to the now unchecked networks, can make employers think twice about remote work.

As we are in a state where working from home is deemed necessary for many businesses, employers are searching for answers on how to monitor remote workers. Luckily for you, IT specialists have been working for years to provide businesses with answers to that very question. Fantastic software options have arisen through that very process.

Benefits of Remote Work

Implementing remote work for your company could be more beneficial than you might think. According to a study done by Ekran, companies can save up to $2,000 a year by implementing remote work. The work will be beneficial to employees as well as they can save up to $7,000 a year by avoiding travel expenses. Remote work offers respite from the office for everyone and promotes better productivity.

Worries About Remote Work

With remote work comes the threat of security breaches. Unfortunately, with remote work, access is easier as there are unsecured devices reaching the company network. Because of this, there are many different doors in which private information can be spilled.

How to Keep Track of Your Employees

Depending on what your business is requiring of your employees, there are varying levels of security options available for your remote workers. If they’re accessing a service or network that your company is offering them, it might be smart to enforce a monitoring software to keep track of their work and data. Requiring your employees to have software like the Ekran system – or whatever your company uses – on their computer before they work remotely is a smart option.

This process is new for everyone and having an access plan that helps guide your employees through the necessary procedures to get on the company network might be useful. Avoiding security breaches and malpractice from your employees means giving them detailed instructions on how to get their work done from home.

One of the best ways to establish a secure connection from a remote location is by utilizing a VPN. This requires authentication before allowing access and creates a path between the remote computer and the company network. With an active VPN in place, your employees will be the only ones who can access the company files and information. With monitoring systems in place, you’ll be able to further restrict access to private information.