Kingston Fury Beast DDR5-5200 32GB Memory Kit Review


The easiest way to overclock on the Intel platform is to simply change the frequency divider in the BIOS. To achieve the best overclock we try to stay with the timings that the XMP profile recommends. If we run into any issues we will bump up the voltage to see if we can get our system to boot and become stable.

The XMP profile puts this kit at 5200 MHz and we were actually able to just change the frequency divider to 5400 without have to change the timings or voltage. Now we were able to get our system to boot at 5600 MHz, but the system was not stable. Even pushing the voltage up to 1.4v it was not stable, so 5400 MHz ended up being our max stable overclock.

kingston fury beast oc1

Here are a couple tests using running the kit at 6400 MHz…

kingston fury beast ddr5 sandra overall oc

kingston fury beast ddr5 3dmark time oc

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