iStorage datAshur SD Encrypted USB Flash Drive Review

Do you carry a USB flash drive everywhere you go? Do you store your Bitcoin or other Crytpo-Currency recovery phrases on it, or perhaps you also like to carry other sensitive documents that you might not want others to gain access to if you were to ever drop or lose your flash drive. Have you thought about encrypting the files on that drive itself? What if you could encrypt those files at a hardware level and require a unique PIN to access those files on a USB Flash drive? Well, is there a solution for you! The Storage datAshur SD Encrypted USB flash drive can help keep your secrets secret, and it will fit in your shirt pocket!


Hardware: PIN authenticated, hardware encryption
Interface: USB3.2 (Gen1) Superspeed Type-C
Data Transfer Rates: Read: 100MB/s | Write: 95MB/ps
Battery: 3.7V Li-Ion Rechargable
Dimensions: 87.2mm x 19.9mm x 13.5mm
Hardware Data Encryption: FIBS PUB 197 Validated, AES-XTS/ECB/CBC 256-bit mode – Programmable by User
Certifications: FIPS 14-3 Level 3 compliant, IP68 certified
Warranty: 3-year parts and labour
Operation Temperature: 0C – 40C (0F – 104F)
Storage Temperature: -20C – 60C (-4F – 140F)
Authentication: 8-64 digit PIN


Even though the datAshur SD is a flash drive, it packs a lot of security features for a home user and especially those in a corporate multi-user environment as well.
FIPS 140-3 Level 3 compliant – FIPS 140-2 is a minimum standard mandatory for Federal use, so the 140-3 is the next advancement built on top of that standard.
Rugged, shockproof and crushproof – The datShur SD is designed to withstand a 4m drop or run over by a 2.7-ton vehicle. It is also IP68 accredited, which means it will survive submerged in 1.5m of water for 30 minutes.
Separate Admin and User PINs – An admin can create one pin and allow their users to have separate Pins.
Ultra-Fast – Rated up to 100MB/s read and 95MB/s write
Read-Only mode – Admins can create a read-only flash drive
Common Criteria EAL5+ certified – Dedicated hardware against certain attacks, True Random Number Generator, can detect physical intrusion or tampering and more
Brute Force protection
Ability to be whitelisted or safelisted on Networks

For more information on all features and security features the datAshur SD Encrypted USB flash drive has to offer, check out the iStorage datAshur SD product page.


iStorage datAshur SD Encrypted USB DriveiStorage datAshur SD Encrypted USB Drive - Inside

The packaging is great for the retail market. Lots of information on all sides of the box helps one understand the product and what it can do. The datAshur SD flash drive is nestled in a nice form insert alongside the USB-C to USB-A Adapter with some quick start guide underneath. Note that there is no included microSD card, and at the time of this review, only the datAshur microSD cards will work with it, but they do come in a variety of capacities.