Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary DDR3-2400 16GB Memory Kit Review

Final Thoughts
When you go out and buy a HyperX product you know that it is going to perform great and this memory kit is no different.  This kit celebrates Kingston’s 10th Anniversary of HyperX, and rightfully so.  This kit is solid and performs great.  I actually was not sure that I would even be able to run the kit in my X79 system.  The highest frequency I’ve ever run memory at in the system was 2333MHz and that was at an overclock.  Running memory at 2400MHz on X79 is impressive and this kit did it without an issue at all.

Besides performance this kit looks great.  The silver heatspreaders with their chrome accents look awesome.  No matter what color your motherboard is these modules are definitely going to stand out.  Photos do not do justice to the kit at all.  Once you take these modules out of the package you are going to be surprised at how great they look.  I like that Kingston did not over-do it on the modules either.  They are sleek and simple.

Since the heatspreaders are not large you should not run into any clearance issues at all when installing them.  Kingston provides not just one but two XMP profiles.  The 2400MHz (11-13-13-30) one and if you have trouble booting at that frequency they have a 2133MHz (11-12-12-30) profile.

Kingston’s parts are known for quality so they back this kit with a lifetime warranty.  Right now you can pick up the kit we reviewed today (KHX24C11X3K4/16X) for $129.99 at my favorite online retailer.  Kingston is offering the 10th Anniversary kits starting at 4GB and going all the way up to 32GB.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Kingston HyperX 10th Anniversary DDR3-2400 16GB Memory Kit a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Solid performance
– Sleek design
– Two XMP Profiles
– Lifetime warranty

– None that I found

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