Kioxia Will Show Breakthrough PCIe 5 SSD And Flash Storage At Dell Tech World

We have all eyes set on this year’s upcoming Dell Technologies World. One of the key highlights we are excited to see is Kioxia newest storage solutions. Kioxia also happens to be one of the Diamond sponsors of the conference and this year they will unveil a couple of their “breakthrough flash storage solutions”. One of these solutions will include the first ever public demonstration of an SSD based on the EDSFF E3 form factor.

small edsff e3s graphic

The EDSFF E3.S form factor is expected to replace the M.2 as well as the legacy 2.5-inch U.2 form factor drives. Most data centers are looking to implement next-gen storage solutions now. This is where the CD7 series drives come into action. Kioxia announced this last year in November. They were the first models of their kind based on the EDSFF E3.S featuring PCIe 5 and running MongoDB on Dell equipment.

kioxia dell

Kioxia claims that this new EDSFF E3.S form factor comes with a multitude of benefits. They not only provide better cooling and enhance performance ultimately but also support up to 25W in E3.S and 40W in E3.S 2T. More importantly, the larger surface area means that the capacities are also significantly higher.

During the same event, Kioxia is also going to unveil the FL6 series of enterprise NVMe SCM SSDs. These models are dual port and support PCIe 4.0. They will fall somewhere between the triple-level cell (TLC) drives and DRAM. They are ideally suited for sensitive workloads like write logging or caching layer.

Via HotHardware