LaCie Introduces the Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 External Drive

LaCie has just introduced their Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2 External Hard Drive. This is said to be their fastest portable solution ever. This drive will delivery speeds of up to 1375 MB/s and will fit in your laptop bag.

LaCie Little Big Disk

Given its speed and capacity the Little Big Disk is ideal for users working with 4K and HD video. The drive is packed with two 500 GB PCI-Express Gen 2 solid state drives. LaCie says you will be able to transfer 300 GB of 4K video in less than three minutes with this drive.

LaCie Little Big Disk

Since the drive will have dual Thunderbolt 2 ports it will be able to be daisy chained to other devices with a Thunderbolt connection.

The Little Big Disk will be available through LaCie’s online store at the 1TB capacity for $1299.99.

Source: LaCie | News Archive

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