Lamptron Found Selling Display Hardware Monitors With illegal AIDA64 Serial Keys

Der8auer examines a problem concerning the AIDA64 license packaged with Lamptron hardware monitors. In the video, it’s revealed that Lamptron is distributing its hardware monitor displays with unauthorized serial keys for the AIDA64 software. The software company has verified that Lamptron has only procured a solitary key for the Extreme version, without ever obtaining a Business license, which is purportedly included with numerous Lamptron products.


Lamptron displays function as secondary monitors linked via HDMI, leveraging external software to showcase system information directly on the screen. These displays can be acquired individually or integrated into cooling components like the CPU cooler. Notably, the data isn’t generated by Lamptron software but rather relies on AIDA64 data accessed through its API. The crux of the problem lies in the necessity for users to install the AIDA64 software for the monitor to operate effectively.


As per Der8auer’s findings, Lamptron is distributing its products with unlawfully generated keys obtained from key generators. The keys specified in the product codes are not recognized in the AIDA64 system, and the company has verified them as illegitimate. Moreover, when users attempt to update the software, AIDA64 will flag these keys as unauthorized.

Lamptron products are vanishing from retail shelves across Europe, with Roman asserting that retailers are contemplating legal recourse against Lamptron. Despite numerous outreach efforts, the company has yet to respond to any emails.


Even after two days since the video’s release, the company maintains its assertion of providing a Business license for AIDA64 with their products. While some retailers have opted to remove the product entirely, others now advertise it with a “free trial of AIDA64 software (subscription required).” Consequently, the $270 product has incurred additional costs.