Laptop with Intel Tiger Lake Gen12 Xe iGPU Shown Playing BFV By Itself

A prototype laptop running an Intel “Tiger Lake” processor was shown off by Ryan Shrout, chief performance strategist at Intel. Running Battlefield V, this is the first time we’ve seen Intel’s Gen12 Xe iGPU running a AAA game. “Perks of the job! Took a prototype Tiger Lake system for a spin on Battlefield V to stretch its legs. Impressive thin and light gaming perf with Xe graphics! Early drivers/sw, but it’s the first time I’ve seen this game run like this on integrated gfx. More later this year!,” said Shrout. You can check out the video below…

Watching the video we can see a very playable experience of Battlefield V at 1080p on “High” settings. Looking at the frame rates it is averaging around 30 FPS. This is quite impressive for an iGPU, and gives us something to look forward to not only on Gen12 Xe iGPU solutions, but also Intel’s discrete GPUs.

Via Ryan Shrout (Twitter)

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