Le Pan II TC979 Android Tablet Review

General Usage
Instead of me trying to explain to you my experience using the Le Pan II TC979 tablet check out the video below.  It gives you a really good idea of how the tablet operates and shows you the performance.

I have been using the Le Pan II for a good 3 weeks and I use it daily.  So I believe that is a good enough time period that I can really relate my thoughts on using the tablet.  I am a huge fan of the actual size of the tablet.  It is not overly large and it is not too small.  The 9.7-inch screen gives you a resolution of 1024 x 768, which is great for a tablet.  The size makes the Le Pan II feel like a notebook or something similar.  I really like the large screen for watching movies and reading book.  You cannot really complain about a large screen when gaming either.

The overall feel of the tablet is good.  It weighs in at 1.5 pounds so it feels nice and solid and the aluminum back gives it that extra smooth feel.  Although I really do like the aluminum back of the Le Pan II because it is aluminum it can get scratched so that is something you may want to keep in mind.  I would suggest getting a case for this tablet because of its size.  The front of the tablet is all glass so you are going to see visible finger marks, but Le Pan does include a cleaning cloth.

While I have not been a big fan of the on-screen controls on some tablets these seemed to work quite well and there was no lag and I did not have to hit the buttons over and over again for them to work.  Android 3.2 is much improved over 2.0 and it really shows.  Everything is very fluid and smooth.  Remember this tablet will be upgradable to Android 4.0 when it does become available.

Le Pan II TC979 Android Tablet Le Pan II TC979 Android Tablet

The front-facing camera on the tablet is pretty good.  I am really not that critical of cameras on tablets because face it you are not going to be holding your tablet up to take a lot of photos.  I did use the Le Pan II to make Skype video calls and it worked great!  The speakers on the Le Pan work great but again they are speakers on a tablet so they are not overly powerful.  If you want better sound grab a pair of headphones, I would suggest the V-Moda Vibrato’s.

The only thing I really did not like about the Le Pan II was the location of the volume buttons.  I would have rather seen the volume buttons on the side of the tablet rather than top.  Also the button is very hard to push.  Also the power button is very small and you have to hold it in for quite a while for the tablet to power on or off.

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