Leaked Slides Reveal Haswell Z87 Chipset Motherboards & Arrival Dates

Not much is really known about Intel’s upcoming Haswell Z87 chipset, only that it is in development. Today we get quite a lot of information! German website Computer Base has released Intel Confidential slides that show Intel’s desktop board release dates for Z87, H87 and Q87 chipsets. They also have posted a roadmap slide that goes into detail about each board and their features. Read on to see the slides and find out more information about the boards.

Haswell Z87 Chipset Motherboards

We are only going to cover the Z87 boards, so here we go:

Haswell Z87 Chipset Motherboards

Intel DZ87KLT-70K (Kinsley) has four memory slots (DDR3), three PCI Express x16 gen 3.0 slots, eight USB 3.0 ports (6 external) and eight SATA 6.0 Gbps ports, plus HDMI and Displayport. Gigabit LAN goes without saying, though the 10 Channel Audio did give us pause.

Intel DZ87KLT-75K nicknamed Kinsley Thunderbol, is similar to the one above, only with Thunderbolt support as well.

Haswell Z87 Chipset Motherboards

Intel DZ87CA-55K nicknamed Carryville, only has two PCI Express x16 slots and six USB 3.0 ports (4 external). The number of SATA ports is reduced too (6).

Intel DZ87CO-50K nicknamed Colebrooke is a uATX board with four RAM slots, two PCIe x16 slots, 6-channel audio, LAN, HDMI, DVI and six USB ports (4 external).

These are the high-end options to be offered by Intel. No word yet on exact prices, but expect to see these boards in the early second quarter of 2013. Check out the link below to see the rest of the slides.

Source: Computer Base | News Archive

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